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          Hello,Welcome to DongGuan KaiChuang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd!

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          About Us

          Company Profile: Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery Co., LTD


            Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (referred to as "Kaichuang spring machine") is the China Mechanical Engineering Society of spring technology group members, was founded in 2003, is the current professional set research and development, production and sales of CNC spring machine as one of the largest spring machine manufacturers, models covered the φ0.15-8.0mm between the more than 20 different types of computer spring machine products, which covers CNC spring machine, such as computer compression spring machine, universal spring machine and camless spring machine, universal spring machine and camless spring machine. And supporting a variety of specifications of the automatic wire feeding machine frame and other equipment, but also to provide spring machine tools or accessories (standard or non-standard) and other related services.


            At present, our leading products are: KCT-1280WZCNC, KCT-1260WZCNC, KCT-1245WZCNC and KCT-1120WPCNC camless spring machine series; KCT-0535WZCNC, KCT-0520WZCNC, KCT-35WCNC and KCT-20BCNC CNC universal spring machine series; KCT-680CNC,KCT-660, KCT-826CNC, KCT-808CNC, KCT-540CNC, KCT-35ACNC, KCT-26ACNC and KCT-8CCNC computer compression spring machine series; KSJ-2500, KSJ-1500, KSJ-1000 , KSJ-400, KSJ-200 and KSJ-100 automatic wire feeding decoier series. In addition, also supporting a variety of CNC grinding machine (computer grinding machine), back to the furnace series and spring machine tools or accessories and other services.


            Our company has reached a deep cooperation with Taiwan's micro-technology and beneficial technology, and independently participated in the development of multi-axis computer control system and servo drive control technology, the use of Japan's advanced industrial servo Sanyo or Yaskawa Electric, and Cited high-end advanced precision bearings such as NST/NTN/IKO, the fuselage panel with high-quality sheet metal structure, combined with its own core machine with the advantages of spring forming technology, has gradually become a spring machinery and equipment industry in a leading enterprise. I produced the NC spring machine equipment with high precision machining, forming speed, stable operation and the appearance of new features, can be a one-time completion of a variety of spring products processing, such as: left, right-handed cylindrical pull, pressure, torsion spring , Single cone spring, convex concave spring and lock ring and complex shaped spring forming and other products.


            Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has always followed the "quality first, the user first and excellence" approach to development, adhere to the "quality win, after-sale and the pursuit of economies of scale" business philosophy, after nearly 20 years of hard work and development Innovation, has been for many years in the peer product in the forefront of the country. In the increasingly competitive global market, our company will, as always, to the pursuit of excellence in quality, reasonable spring machine prices, on-time delivery and perfect after-sales service system as the goal, better serve the vast domestic Foreign customers, and customers to implement pre-sale, sale and sale throughout the service. 

          Main Products: CNC spring machine | computer compression spring machine | CNC versatile spring forming machine | camless spring machine
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