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            Factors causing spring pitch instability of compression spring machine
            Source:Kaichuang spring machine  Time:2017/11/24 15:31:24  Author:  Visits:

              In the daily operation of spring machine, the debugging work of spring products is essential. When a spring product has been debugged, it can be produced in batches. If there are some changes in the size of springs in batch production, the operators should correct them in time to restore the normal production.The Kaichuang spring machine of Li manager reminders that in the process of winding spring pitch instability will occur frequently, we should make timely correction work, to the quality and quantity of the completion of the production tasks.


              ①The instability of pitch caused by wire rod. At present, the application of cold drawn steel wire in the market is more common. Because of the differences in the process, technological process and cost control, the selection of wire rod is diversified. Therefore, for the same computer spring machine used in the same condition, the spring stability is different because of the different wire.


              ②Unstable pitch caused by tooling mould. Tooling mold is very important for spring machine, it is not only vulnerable to wear parts, some also require technical personnel combined with the need for debugging products for special processing, such as deburring, chamfering and grinding auxiliary knives and other operations. In addition, the operators must carefully check and repeatedly repair after the completion of debugging, until the machine to achieve stable and rapid production so far.


              ③The machine causes the pitch instability. In addition to the machine quality reasons, the X axis origin movement is one of the factors leading from the instability of the spring press in spring during the festival. Among them, the X axis origin Paowei divided into physical origin and change of servo motor origin offset. For example, when the program instruction is executed, the starting position of the X axis command changes, the total coil number of the coil spring remains unchanged, and the pitch changes. When the X axis origin movement, to find a solution or professional manufacturers.


              To sum up, in addition to wire reason, tooling, mold and machine reasons, human factors may also lead to spring spring machine in the process of spring pitch instability occurs. In the production process, if it is found that the winding pitch is unstable Spring Festival, first stop check and micro adjustment of mould, to ensure to resume normal production as soon as possible after dressing.

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