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            How to relieve the "Y axis servo alarm" of the spring machine system in daily?
            Source:Kaichuang spring machine  Time:2017/11/24 15:39:29  Author:  Visits:

              In the daily operation of the spring machine, we may encounter a variety of system alarm information, in which "Y axis servo alarm" is one of the common system alarms. When working with the spring machine system alarm, how should we deal with it? The Kaichuang spring machine of Li manager reminders that in operation process in a "Y axis servo alarm information, machine fault problems in the corresponding operation, we can according to the alarm can be terminated.


              For those familiar with the operation and spring machine friends, Y axis is sent to spool spring machine, it is the use of Y axis servo motor and drive gear linkage, and will transmit the signal to the system through the servo drive and encoder and other components, and then complete the interactive operation with computer interface. Therefore, when the CNC spring machine in operation process "Y axis servo alarm" information, you can turn off and restart the machine, and then check whether the system alarm is released.


              If the system alarm of the spring machine can not be released, we must first understand what factors can cause the system alarm? For example, ①servo motor, driver, encoder or inverter caused by electrical components fault, ②dust or iron filings and other mechanical failures caused by the failure, ③the abnormal operation caused by man-made faults. Secondly, we should check and eliminate the fault factors that can be caused by item by item. Finally, the source of the fault is found and solved. In addition, when "computer spring machine Y axis servo alarm", if can not find the causes of malfunction or failure to lift the way, we can spring machine manufacturers to seek help, and delegate by the manufacturers of professional and technical personnel for maintenance.


             In short, factors causing the spring machine system "Y axis servo alarm" is integrated in many aspects, we should according to the specific situation of the machine to check and troubleshooting, in order to find the causes of malfunction, and to remove the fault and restore the normal operation in the shortest time.


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