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            Is it reasonable for the user to ask the manufacturer to provide free samples?
            Source:Kaichuang spring machine  Time:2017/12/4 18:03:39  Author:  Visits:

              At present, most users choose spring machines when they choose spring machines. They usually require the spring manufacturers to provide free samples for a spring product, and then the results of the samples decide whether to buy the spring machine. The Kaichuang spring machine of Li manager reminders that for users of sample spring machine manufacturers, is not only for the performance of processing efficiency and machine inspection of samples, but also to lay the foundation for the day after the two sides reached cooperation.


              Why do users require a spring machine manufacturer to provide free samples? In general, users require manufacturers to provide samples: one is to test equipment in spring machine machining efficiency of the spring products, such as production speed and size requirements and other factors; second, to run the equipment performance test of spring machine, such as processing ability, stability and precision etc.. In general, only when the results of the user sample are accepted, the user can be assured of the later cooperation with the spring manufacturer.


              Does the user request a free sample of the spring machine manufacturer to be reasonable? If between users and manufacturers to reach some sort of agreement, such as user acceptance to sample the results to determine whether two days after the cooperation, then the free samples provided by the spring machine manufacturers will be more reasonable. However, if the user simply to request free samples or by the manufacturers to provide free samples to obtain approval sample results but this phenomenon is not without hearing a word about, so reasonable, for spring machine manufacturers is not fair. For example, some users may think that as a manufacturing company of CNC springs, it will not cost much to help us to debug a batch of samples without cost. As we all know, in the process of sample production, besides the ready-made machine and equipment, mold, wire and labor all need cost. If every user thinks so, this is not acceptable for any spring machine enterprise.


              Therefore, the user is seeking the spring machine manufacturer for the product free sample is reasonable, mainly depends on whether the user has the normal purchase cooperation needs. As the saying goes, "there is no free lunch in the world", so the free sample is the starting point to promote the good faith cooperation between the two sides. It is suggested that users should not lose faith in their partners because of the free samples.

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