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          Hello,Welcome to DongGuan KaiChuang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd!

          KCT-0535WZ 5 Axis CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine


            KCT-0535WZ 5 Axis CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine, referred to as the 35-type line processing machine, wire diameter φ1.2-4.0mm diameter, suitable for processing all kinds of precision compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, single and double tower spring, flat wire spring, shaped spring and complex line of molded products, widely used in furniture, electrical appliances, bed/seat, lighting, electric cars, cars, kitchen utensils, machinery and tooling etc..


               機 型     Model     KCT-0535WZ
               軸 數     Axis Count     5 Axis
               加工線徑     Wire Size Range      φ1.2-4.0mm
               最大彈簧外徑          Max Outside Diameter     φ80mm
               最大送線速度     Max Feeding Speed     120m/min
               最大生產速度        Max Production Rate     60pcs/min
               最大送線長度     Max Wire Feeding Length     Unlimited(無限)
               送線輪組數     Wire Feeding Wheel Count         3 pairs(組)
               送線伺服電機     Wire Feeding Servo Motor     4.4kw
               凸輪伺服電機     Cam Servo Motor     2.9kw
               轉線伺服電機     Wire Rotation Servo Motor     4.4kw
               轉芯伺服電機     Quill Servo Motor     1.3kw
               卷曲伺服電機     Spinner Servo Motor     1.0kw
               機器尺寸     Dimension(L*W*H)     2400x1500x1800mm    
               機器重量     Weight     2500kg
               電 源     Power AC     3-380VAC  50Hz


            Our company's KCT-0535WZ 5 Axis CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine adopts Taiwan CNC control system, using the Japanese SANYO servo motor and high precision bearings, the models of a total of five axes, respectively, camshaft, feeder axis, rotary mandrel, spool roll and crankshaft system through CNC code, respectively. The feeding line and cam drive system of synchronous control, can achieve 24 hours of precise operation. In addition, due to the high precision servo motor and computer control of the spring machine, we can easily produce the spring products with precise size and complicated angle by combining the servo rotation axis and the crimping shaft.


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