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          KCT-1280WZ 12 Axis camless CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine


           KCT-1280WZ 12-axis camless CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine, referred to as 8.0mm camless spring machine, machining line diameter φ3.0-8.0mm, suitable for the production of various precision compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, scroll spring, tower spring, flat wire springs, special-shaped spring and molding line and other products, widely used in furniture, mold, machinery, agricultural machine, electric vehicle, automobile, railway and aviation etc..


              機 型    Model   KCT-1280WZ
              軸 數    Number Of Axis   12 Axis
              加工線徑    Wire Size Range   φ3.0-8.0mm
              最大彈簧外徑       Max Outer Diameter   φ130mm
              最大送線長度    Max Feeding Length   Unlimited(無限)
              最大送線速度    Wire Feeding Speed   100m/min
              旋繞比    Spring Index   4
              送線輪組數    Feeding Roller Pairs   4 Pairs(組)
              送線伺服電機    Wire Feeding Servo Motor   15.0kw
              轉芯伺服電機    Quill Part Servo Motor   2.0kw
              轉線伺服電機    Part Of Wire Rotation Servo Motor      7.5kw
              成形伺服電機    Forming And Cut Off Servo Motor   4.4kw*8
              卷曲伺服電機    Part Of Spinner Servo Motor   2.0kw
              機器尺寸    Dimension(L*W*H)   3600x2050x2300mm   
              機器重量    Weight   10000kg
              電 源    Power AC   3-380VAC 50Hz


            Our company's KCT-1280WZ 12-axis camless CNC versatile spring rotating forming machine, citing the Taiwan computer Windows7 control system and imported from Japan Yaskawa servo motor, using the unique non cam and no arm design tool are controlled independently by eight servo motors, the turret eight shaft, wire feeding shaft, a rotary core shaft, a shaft and a rotating shaft coiling line the system is composed of a crank connecting rod, forming system, and wire line switching system, wire straightening system and rotary core system etc.. In addition, the machine can be equipped with hydraulic scissors device, cutting noise is small, the damage to the mandrel and the machine is zero; at the same time, it greatly improves the processing range of spring, not only has the characteristics of fast forming, accurate accuracy and stable performance, but also more convenient and easy to operate.


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