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          KSJ-200 automatic wire feeding machine


            KSJ-200 automatic wire feeding machine, referred to as 200kg automatic wire feeding decoiler or rack, is my company dedicated to supporting the CNC spring machine in the process of forming the wire part of the design, bearing weight less than 200kg and the coil diameter less than 850mm, usually can also be used with other devices such as spring machine, straightening machine ring, machine, punching machine, screw machine, coiling machine and wire forming machine matched with.


               機 型     Model     KSJ-200
               最大載重            Max Capacity of Load           200kg
               最大轉速     Max Speed of Table     70rpm
               圓盤直徑     Diameter of Table     850mm
               電 機     Motor     0.75kw
               電 源     Power AC     220v 50HZ
               尺 寸     Dimensions(L*W*H)     800x650x800mm       
               重 量     Weight     100kg


            Automatic wire feeding machine, also called automatic wire feeding decoiler, automatic wire feeding speed by adjusting in the process of operation, the supporting host device to maintain synchronization with the wire feeding speed automatic wire feeding shelf; when the wire, wire disconnection or after the automatic wire feeding shelf it will send the alarm signal and automatically shutdown, has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use and high work efficiency.


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