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          KC-250/9E CNC spring double end grinding machine


            Using a full set of MITSUBISHI control system, through the vertical double face grinding and grinding head, automatic feed, can automatically adjust the size according to the spring pressure, feeding speed, grinding wheel performance and compensation function which is suitable for the characteristics of the spring can be refined, using manual and automatic feeding of two kinds of grinding, the table can open, change wheel and maintenance very convenient, suitable for grinding high precision spring.


          Wheel diameter: diameter of 450*65mm (Gringding Wheel)

          Tray diameter: diameter of 740mm (Feeding Plate)

          The outside diameter of the spring (MAX.O.D): 10-100mm

          Spring wire diameter: diameter of 1-9mm (Wire Diameter)

          Spring height (Spring Height): 10-250mm

          Total power (Power): 15KW

          Size: L2.1*W1.6*H2.5 (Overall Dimension) (M)

          Weight (Weight): 2500KG


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