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          Hello,Welcome to DongGuan KaiChuang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd!

          KCT-826 8 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine


            KCT-826 8 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine, is my company in recent years to market success and applied a new eight axis computer spring machine, processing line with φ1.0-3.0mm ( in diameter oil quenched steel wire for reference ), mainly suitable for processing all kinds of precision compression spring, torsion spring and simple line type products for example, wave spring, pressure spring and pagoda spring etc.. 


             機 型   Model   KCT-826
             軸 數   Axis Count   8 軸
             加工線徑   Wire Size Range    φ1.0-3.0mm
             最大彈簧外徑   Max Outside Diameter   φ70mm
             最大彈簧螺距   Max Pitch Of Spring   45mm
             最大送線速度   Max Feeding Speed   280m/min
             旋繞比   Spring Index   3
             送線輪組數   Wire Feeding Wheel Count   2 pairs(組)
             送線伺服電機   Feeding Motor Yasukawa SGMGV-44A   4.4kw
             切刀伺服電機   Cutter Motor Yasukawa SGMGV-09V   0.85kw*2
             凸輪伺服電機   Cam Motor Yasukawa SGMJV-08A   0.75kw*2
             螺距伺服電機   Pitch Motor Yasukawa SGMJV-08A   0.75kw
             芯軸上下移動電機      Mandrel Moving Up-down Servo Motor      1.0kw
             退芯伺服電機   Mandrel Return Servo Motor   1.0kw
             機器尺寸   Dimension(LxWxH)   1000x1500x1850mm   
             機器重量   Weight   1200kg
             電 源   Power AC   3-380VAC  50HZ


            Our company's KCT-826 8 Axis CNC High-speed spring coiling machine mainly imported from Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Taiwan computer Windows7 control system, the shaft can operate independently or synchronous operation. The company's design team has made great reform in innovation and improvement, and has realized the man-machine dialogue truly, has one minute spring molding, the production speed is fast, the precision is high, the noise is low, the debugging is more convenient. KCT-826 computer compression spring machine can realize the function of cutting, cutting and swing cutting in different angles, and also has the function of high-definition camera inspection.


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